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Please note Due to high service demand, there may be a longer than usual waiting time for us to carry out proofing for our domestic customers. Please note
Please note, Due to high service demand, there may be a longer than usual waiting time for us to carry out proofing for our domestic customers.
Bird proof your building

Birds can be the most persistent pests for business owners and householders. Methods for dealing with the bird nuisance must be thorough and proven. We deliver bird deterrent and bird proofing services using only scientifically-tested, practical techniques that eliminate these bird problems for good.

How Bird Proofing Works | Types of bird proofing

Superproof Pigeon control Superproof Pigeon control
We stop pest birds causing damage and nuisance
Health and safety Hazard

Pest birds spread potentially harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bird droppings create potential slip hazards

Damage to buildings and vehicles

Bird guano contains chemicals that can dissolve and stain some stone. Nests block drains causing flooding and damp


Pest birds carry mites, textile beetles and fleas, that can be picked up by humans and domestic animals


Pest birds cause noise and physical nuisance, and distress, to employees, customers and the public

Bird proofing - our services explained
  • All pest bird species generate fouling and build nests. Each of these behaviours pose risks to human health and to the fabric of the building.

    This is why, where the risk of pest birds nesting or perching on buildings is significant, it is important to have appropriate bird proofing and/or bird deterrent measures in place. Key risks include:

    • Additional cleaning and repair costs
    • Enforcement action by environmental health agencies if the bird pest problem poses a risk to public safety and heath
    • Enforcement action by building control and conservation regulators if your building is of historical interest
    • Staff retention problems, leading to business risks and additional costs
    • Legal action by staff or visitors, for example, if they slip and fall because of bird fouling
    • Damage to the business brand – affective the perception of a business by customers and the wider public.


    • Gutters and other drainage systems blocked with bird guano, feathers and dead birds can cause flooding. This can damage both the exterior and interior of buildings
    • Bird fouling supports mould growth that can generate spore release that is hazardous to humans and other wildlife
    • Salmonella, E-Coli and other hazardous bacteria can thrive in bird mess, resulting in the risk of serious stomach infections
    • Bird mess has a high uric acid content that can damage brickwork and galvanised surfaces
    • Pest bird guano becomes very slippery in wet conditions, so significantly increases slip risks on fire escapes, walkways, and flat roof tops
    • For this reason, and health concerns, service contractors, such as air conditioning engineers may refuse to work at a property badly affected by bird fouling
    • Bird mess is unsightly, causing a reputation risk for businesses
    • It can cause significant malodour problems
    • Employees don’t like working in environments where there is a lot of bird mess, so it could negatively impact recruitment and retention.

    Nesting material

    • Nesting material harbours parasitic insects such, as bird mites, which can migrate to adjacent living spaces used by humans
    • Bird nests can block drainage and ventilation ducts, causing flood risks (see above) and adversely affect air conditioning systems
    • Unhatched eggs can decay and cause powerful malodours
    • Young birds can generate a significant noise nuisance
    • Some people feel threatened by birds, so do not want them flying around spaces where they are working.

    Modern bird proofing and bird deterrent measures are able to counter these problems if applied effectively. SUPERPROOF can help any business or householder achieve this, in the most timely and cost-efficient way.

  • All methods for protecting premises against birds involve systems to either deter or physically exclude them from perching on and occupying a particular structure or part of a structure.

    The system selected depends on the ‘pressure’ the site, or area, is receiving from the birds:

    Superproof Pigeon control
    Low pressure Occasional landing and perching
    Medium pressure More sustained perching and roosting
    High pressure Habitual perching and roosting, which may include nesting

    Once the problem area has been categorised as low, medium or high pressure, a suitable proofing system is installed depending on:

    • The desired impact on the aesthetics of the building
    • The bird species involved
    • Any specific client requirements.
  • Stainless steel pin and wire

    This is a low-pressure bird proofing and deterrence system, with low visual impact. The wires deter birds from landing on a building.

    Stainless steel spike systems

    A medium pressure bird proofing system that prevents birds landing on a selected part of a structure. This solution is often used on building ledges and on steel beams in bridges.

    Bird netting

    A conventional high pressure bird proofing system. Bird netting is installed to completely block access to a structure.

    Mesh bird proofing

    A traditional high pressure bird proofing system that uses more rigid metal or plastic meshing to protect structures


    A new high pressure system that uses a non-lethal electric current to deter birds from landing on a structure.

    Acoustic bird deterrents

    A new medium pressure bird deterrent system that uses a range of scientifically-tested sounds that scare away birds. Different sounds are uses for different species.

    Fire gel

    This is a new low to medium pressure bird deterrent system. Its name comes from the way birds can see ultra violet light. When birds look at the special gel, developed in South Korea, they see an ultra violet flame, which they think is fire, so they do not land.

  • As with other pest control companies, we can proof against pest species of birds only. These are listed under the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) and currently include:

    1. Crow
    2. Collared dove
    3. Lesser black-backed gull
    4. Jackdaw
    5. Jay
    6. Magpie
    7. Feral pigeons
    8. Rook
    9. Woodpigeon
    10. Canada goose*
    11. Monk parakeet*
    12. Herring gull*

    * For the last three species of pest birds, it is illegal to destroy any nests or eggs.

  • In a nutshell, with us you can ALWAYS be sure that our bird proofing technicians are trained and qualified to carry out their bird pest control safely and to a high standard. Sadly, that cannot be said for many of our competitors.

    As specialist pest proofers, our bird technicians are fully-equipped with all tools, materials and access equipment to safely reach the problem area and install the correct system for preventing birds from using the building to perch, nest or roost.

    Because penetrative fixings are used widely in bird proofing, our technicians are trained to carefully consider substrate tolerance and suitability for any given fixing or drilling method. The need to take care to protect substrates and ensure they remain waterproof is a key element of our training.

    Likewise, because adhesive mastics are also used regularly in bird proofing, our technicians are trained to select the correct adhesive for the application and the substrate involved. This ensures bond strength is maximised through surface preparation and correct installation.

    We can design and fabricate in-house all galvanised, or stainless, bracketry and self-closing door systems. This gives us great flexibility in our approach to larger net systems. It also ensures the end-product is high quality, long lasting and fully meets client requirement

    We can also fully-clean and sanitise fouled buildings and sites, returning the areas to pleasant and non-hazardous environments. Bulk hazardous waste is cleared from site and taken for legal, safe and responsible disposal at an authorised site.

    SUPERPROOF is a Safecontractor and Constructionline approved pest bird control contractor. Working at height is fully-controlled and risk assessed to ensure it is safe. Site operatives are trained, competent and experienced.

    We are a BPCA and CEPA-certified bird pest control company. We are also members of the NPTA. Our bird pest proofing technicians are trained in pest bird ecology and behaviour. They are also fully aware of all current legislation associated with bird pest control.

  • No, they are not. Bird proofing and bird deterrent techniques are not designed to kill birds. Instead, they excluded the birds from using a certain area for perching, roosting or nesting.

  • Some bird pest control companies recommend placing plastic owls and hawks on buildings where there is a problem. We do not, because they do not work. Just as with scarecrows used in agricultural settings, the birds quickly realise they are simply plastic and do not represent a threat to them.

  • No, it will not.  Hawks will only provide a temporary respite. Birds will simply avoid the area whilst the hawk is being flown only to return once it is gone. Therefore, you would have to pay for the hawks to be flown continuously, at frequent intervals, to have any real effect. Even then, birds like pigeons would realise they can return in between flights. The most cost-effective solution is to invest in the right bird proofing service and technology.

    All the time the hawks aren’t being flown, the birds will continue to occupy the surrounding area. They will, therefore, continue to foul the public space around your property.

  • Yes, you can. That is no problem at all.  Our bird proofing technicians have hot pressure washers and are licensed waste carriers, to permit the transfer of contaminated waste to a safe disposal site.

    We can also apply a wide range of biocidal and virucidal sprays to sanitise the cleaned areas, plus insecticidal sprays where insect infestation is identified.

    We fully appreciate the need to clean and sanitise buildings and surrounding areas is just as important as the bird proofing and bird deterrent element of our work. The mess made by birds is, after all, one of the main reasons you want to prevent them from perching, nesting and roosting on your property.

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